Meet Us

— Two humans. Two Airstreams. And this really adorable fluff ball.



I'm a marketing major with a job in F.U.N. and T.R.A.V.E.L.

Hi! Brittain here. I graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2007, I quit my management position at a really great grocer (shout out to Hy-Vee!) and that summer I discovered the fabulous world of Experiential Marketing and haven't looked back (seriously, it's the best world ever!!...for the right person). I mean, I get paid to spray people with fire hoses! 

Since then, I've had the joy of representing more than 50 major companies at large events (rodeos, state fairs, concerts, NASCAR, MLB) across the country (it's like getting paid to have fun). I've started my own impact business, Hostel KCTraveled the world and kinda sorta semi-retired. Stick around. You'll see what that means.

Enough serious talk though. Now life has me living full-time on the road ( with my wonderful hubby.

Here are a few more things you should know about me:

Wedding day with our tiny home, Lucy Bug. She's a 1988 Airstream and the best 1st home we could have ever asked for.
  • I married the most incredible man ever! Meet Josh here.

  • I'm kind of a conservative hippie. It's like having fun the good ol' fashion way!

  • It's Missouri. Not Kansas. One city. Two states. Get it right.

  • My friends call me goldfish. (short term memory + distracted by shiny objects)

    • Therefore, I get to the point and if you want my attention, you should too.

  • I'm super competitive!

  • I'm an only child (not the spoiled kind).

    • 'Cause my parents raised me to work hard and earn my keep.

  • I play for work

  • Favorite animal(s): Horses and cats that act like dogs.

  • I'm a super baseball fan! #RoyalsForLife

    • I was Relish dog for the Royals #BestJobEver

  • I have a 4-part commercial series on the Dave Ramsey Show!

  • Here's my Dave Ramsey DEBT FREE SCREAM!

  • Josh and I have been on our #HnyMunIt since Nov 3, 2016, traveling the country in our 1988 Airstream.


This is Josh.

This happy-go-lucky kid in the candy shop is my husband. You probably wouldn't guess that he's a small town Kansas kid who spent a year in Peru, is now bilingual (Spanish), worked at Dave Ramsey's (before we met), got his Master's, owns his own company, has the kindest heart and is the best, most loving husband ever!

  • He names all his cats "Butch". He's had 5.

  • He's obsessed with Dominos (the pizza).

  • Got through college with $0 debt!!!

  • Has never had a car payment. (weird!)

  • Has an annoying Monopoly strategy (that wins!) It’s not Dave Ramsey approved and I refuse to play against him anymore.

  • Loves God and his family and has a huge heart for all of his students!

  • Caught the travel bug too.

  • Proposed to me in a private garden with a journal he'd been writing in for months. Oh, and we made our own wedding rings.

And that's my husband. The kid in the candy store.

And this cute face is Walter.

He was a foster kitty whose face I couldn't resist and now he's the "Ambassador Of Happiness" at Hostel KC. While he may look like a grumpy old man, he gives #PurrfectHostpitality to all who visit.

Now you can follow Walter @WalterEisenmeower.