How it Began

Out of Normal: /out ofˈnôrməl/
Verb: To live your happy.



Travel is our happy. And whatever

Your Happy Is

We dare you to find it.

Do you dare yourself?


It all started in the shower. Weird, huh? I know. But true story. Let me explain…

Have you ever been in the shower and felt like your brain was on fire (great book, by the way - Brains On Fire), full of ideas, imaginations, dreams, passions, desires, places you'll go, things you'll do? We've all had them, right? Those moments when your mind is spinning so fast you can't take it. You're chalked full of energy and enthusiasm. You wish every moment and every shower of every day could be THIS adrenaline rushing?? YESSS! You know what I'm talking about.

Then what happens.

That's it. Poof. Gone. Back to reality. Life calls. Shit happens. And all your shower dreams and big ideas get washed down the drain. was a shower thought. There I was. Thinking about all the people in my life, in this country and around the world who live their life day in and day out doing work they hate and living lives that they feel have no purpose, no meaning, no fulfillment. In particular, I was thinking about the friend that once told me,

You’re going to have to get a real job someday.
— A friend

Meanwhile I was frickin' loving my job and she, well...not so lovin' hers. But I'll save that for this.

Anyway, as I stepped out of the tub these words went through my head.

"Kick yourself out of normal."

That's what people need to do! Too many people are too unhappy with some part of their life.


Normal is broke.
Normal is a job you can't stand.
Normal is living paycheck to paycheck.
Normal is living your life saying "one day I will" or "I wish I would have".

And so it started with the idea of spreading inspiration, motivation and a little butt kicking to those who are stuck in a rut. Those who are living the poopy rat race of life. Those who know there is something else, something better, something different, something bigger and something greater that they've been called to do, they're just not quite sure what it is, where to look or how to start.

//That's my incredibly wonderful, handsome and supportive husband.//

//That's my incredibly wonderful, handsome and supportive husband.//

'Kick Yourself' ( was the idea, but that's all it was - an idea. For months, I pondered - how was I going to motivate people to kick themselves Life's too comfortable for anyone to listen to me. 

In our fast paced, I want it now society, sometimes the best thing we can do is WAITSo, wait I did. Until the season in my life was right for me to put this out there. To inspire. To encourage. To guide. To lead. To teach. And to give a little butt kick! Because if you're not living a life that makes you happy, then you need a swift one.

So, here we go. If you're that person looking for more, ready to make a change in your life, seeking something greater, lost and don't know where to look, then stick around. Through a series of life stores, testimonies, experiences, challenges, and most exciting, DARES, we think we might have something for you.

We dare you, to dare yourself.

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