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We’ve got campers. You’ve got land. Let’s make a difference!


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This good lookin’ 1987 Airstream 345, affectionately named Maxwell, is looking for land and wondering if you can help out? There’s a deal in it for you too… is looking for social impact businesses - businesses that are making a Dollar and a Difference ® - in the Nashville area. We are looking for fun brands with a unique product who have a loyal customer base to collaborate with. In a nutshell, we are looking for a brand we believe in, a product we can BRAG about and a community we can support. Intrigued?

For more than four years, our tiny Hostel KC, an impact business in KCMO, welcomed nearly 800 people from around the world and built 3 homes for homeless families in the interior of Jamaica. Now, we’re growing our business and expanding our mission to provide more unique experiences - this time, with the outdoors.

Our first phase will be partnering with a brand or company (or individual), who has access to land, and we will offer free use of our 1987 Airstream Motor Coach. In exchange for free use of the land, we will share a portion of all profits that are brought in through Airbnb and other booking platforms with your impact business (or mission of choice)!

We will also manage all communications, maintenance and cleaning. All you need to do, is keep working on your business (or doin’ your thing).

Nashville is a hip and happening market for travel and we believe there’s a grand opportunity to create a unique experience with a unique brand doing a lot of good.

  • If you own land and are looking for a way to give back


  • If you own a social impact business and have access to land

We’d love to discuss this further. Please click “Let’s Chat” to send us a message or give us a text or shout at 816.830.4840.

ps - Check out some spaces that have inspired the inside and some campers that are rockin’ it in Nashville.

-Brittain and Josh