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It was fall of 2013. I had a job - and I loved it. But that job - it was making me sick. Literally. I landed at the Dr.'s office 2x and on the ultra sound table 2x. Results negative. But I was sick!

I didn't know it at the time, because I absolutely loved every minute of what I did [as an event planner]. A community relations ambassador for a community of startups. An HR manager (for a startup team of 6 :). I had the coolest, most kick butt crew of co-workers I could EVER ask for! I got invited to speak in front of college students about my experiences. I gave tours of a cool little startup village in Kansas City. I met people from over 30 different countries (some of which I'd never heard of!) and went rock climbing in Morocco with one of them (video below). I was headhunted by other companies (what an honor!). The list of amazing experiences and opportunities goes on. But,

while I was loving my work (and the paychecks!), my body was...
...well, it was sick and tired...Worn out...and mad at me.

Right about that time I had a stash of cash (about $40k) I'd been saving up (to start my dream - Hostel KC). I also had a mortgage (about $40k). I decided rather than entering 2014 with a mortgage over my head, it'd be better to enter 2014 WITH NO DEBT! So, 

I paid off my home and i traveled the world.

On Dec 3, 2013 I took my dad on a surprise visit to the Dave Ramsey Show and where I made my Debt Free Scream (it's a Ramsey thing).

On Dec 7, 2013 I set out on a journey to explore the world - 4 countries, 4 continents, 6 weeks.
This adventure was multi-fold:

  1. Unplug (get away from work, get away from my computer/phone)

  2. CELEBRATE my Debt Freeeedom!!!

  3. Travel to 4 new counties, each on a different continent

  4. Spend Christmas with family (I'd never met) in Australia

  5. Search out my future husband :)

My first night in Morocco, I received a shocking email...funny, since I was 'trying' to unplug. Thank the Lord (I think He nudged me to plug in), because inside was a message from The Ramsey Team!! They wanted to share my story!!

What? Are you kidding me? No way! Can this be real? Am I dreaming? this is incredible! Oh. my. Goodness...

And here it is. The Dave Ramsey Show presents to you, "Brittain's World".
What an honor and true, true blessing it was to work with Jason and the crew. An opportunity that many dream of. I am blessed and forever grateful beyond what words can express. still feels like a magical dream. Must be a God thing. :)

Wander with Purpose.

And as for #5, searching out my future husband. I found him. But I'll save that for another time.

Thanks for tuning in,



complete a (big) goal then Go somewhere you've never been.

Have a major goal you're working on? Something big? Something important? Something life changing? Something that just flat-out-needs-to-get-done? See it to completion then treat yourself to someplace you've never been <<< this is key!! It could be as simple as a small town in your state or as grandios as that dream country you've always wanted to see. The important thing is, to make it someplace you've never been. It'll be WAY more memorable and achieving that goal will be much more attainable.

Double Dare:

Pay for it in cash. You're not allowed to go into debt on this one. (or any of them). Ever.